Well Connected


Engineering of reliable, available, secure and efficient electrical and critical power systems. Proactive planning for quality and uninterrupted power and back-up power systems.

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Superior navigation through one of the most dynamic and innovative sectors in the economy. Intelligent selection and design of IT platforms, network typologies, technologies and systems.

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Custom design, development, procurement, deployment and integration of open architecture, non-proprietary, network based Internet Protocol (IP) based systems.

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Lighting Design

Working, sustainable lighting installations that support architectural themes, create drama and allow the nature of place to unfold.

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Audio Visual

Innovative, affordable, easy-to-use systems and tools for communication that enhance venue or workplace communications, collaboration and productivity.

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Strategic planning and management of sustainable system design, the LEED certification process and government incentive applications.

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What we do


Systems Convergence

Intelligent Buildings are engineered for converged building systems and corresponding integration to deliver an enhanced occupant experience and centralized, streamlined facility management.

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Success Stories

MBII is best known for our ability to work from large infrastructure right down to tenant fit-up across all scales and sectors.

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