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  • Access control and alarm monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Video surveillance
  • Digital video storage
  • Video analytics
  • Intercommunications
  • Panic/ Duress Alert
  • Asset tracking
  • Patient wandering
  • Infant abduction
  • Wireless personal duress alert
  • Security and Emergency
  • Operations Control Centres


  • System design and engineering
  • Condition assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Commissioning

In this age of heightened security concerns, a comprehensive security solution will meet your business and security objectives.

Much more than door locks and intrusion detection, today’s electronic security systems no longer consist of hard wired point-to-point connections and relay driven operations; they are protocol based. The assimilation of these protocols into a building's converged system is the goal of security system integration.

Access Control/ Visitor Management

Whether global, national or regional, multi-site or single site location, access control platforms can integrate with the most advanced security technologies and streamline your operations.

Access control (through individual network authentication, badging) provides visitor management and tracking across all enterprise security layers/zones, and can be integrated with AV mass notification for intrusion protection and security events- planned or unplanned.

Access control can also be fully integrated with access to elevator and HVAC Systems for the customization of heating and cooling based on occupancy.

Video Surveillance and Analytics

IP-based digital video systems provide remote monitoring for individual rooms or public amenities, circulation areas, parking lots, walkways, assets, etc and can be consolidated with access control systems.  Long range, high resolution and thermal imaging products can provide a visual assessment that can help determine whether a target is a potential threat.  Intelligent video analytics automatically detect, analyze, track and classify behaviours.  

Systems Convergence

A protocol based security system integrated with a building's converged system is the goal of security system design.

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Intrusion Detection: Integration with Alarm Monitoring

Building/ facility access control and video surveillance systems can be integrated to provide positive visual indication of intrusion or a duress situation.  A central Command Centre can monitor facilities 24/7 and security personnel can also manage system from a remote PC or mobile device. 

Intercommunications and Mass Notification

Independent telephony and radio systems for buildings provide communication with security staff and personnel within their buildings during an emergency or major event. Facility wide integration with AV systems provides instant, reliable, visual and audible communication of security events to first responders and all relevant audiences.

Asset Protection

Wireless asset protection devices guard against theft of computers or high value objects such as expensive art, electronics, merchandise and equipment.

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