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Systems Convergence

Synergies created by Intelligent Buildings translate to overall fiscall, environmental and operational efficiency.

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Clarity across the breadth, scope and complexities of selecting sustainable alternatives.

With enhanced process efficiencies, MBII provides strategic planning and management of sustainable system design, the LEED certification process and government Incentive Applications.  MBII’s multi-disciplinary approach to this service focuses on client education and team engagement, eliminating lengthy and unnecessary process that often plagues LEED projects.


This industry standard sustainable ‘rating’ and certification system helps facilitate and focus the dialogue surrounding sustainable design opportunities. For success, a project requires a balance between sustainability, quality and functionality.

Air Miles/ LoyaltyOne PV System, MississaugaEnwave Deep Lake Water Cooling System, TorontoExhibition Place, East Annex PV System, Toronto

When sustainable design is properly implemented and manages to achieve optimization across the whole project or building, long term operating costs are dramatically improved without substantial increase in construction cost. 

As project owner/operator or developer you need a holistic snapshot of sustainable design options that considers your project as part of a broader context of building systems and infrastructure. Achieving such a vantage point from project inception ensures you see all options and possibilities.

Energy Performance

Infrastructure planning, the level of systems integration and effective monitoring and control of energy use all impact overall building performance.

Alternative Energy

Photovoltaics, wind, fuel cells and co-generation may be viable approaches to environmentally friendly production of electricity.


  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • District Energy
  • LEED for New Construction (NC)
  • LEED for Commercial interiors (CI)
  • LEED for Existing Buildings – Operations and Maintenance (EB)


  • Engineering/ Design
  • Incentive Applications
  • LEED Consulting
  • Client Education
  • Energy Performance Modeling
  • Design Assessment
  • Construction Verification
  • Application for Certification
  • Commissioning
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