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Paul is now Vice President for the newly created MBL (Mulvey & Banani Lighting) a subsidiary of MBII. With MBII since 2005, Paul has nurtured what was launched as a dedicated lighting division in 2004 into a full blown, seasoned Lighting Design consultancy.

Paul leads a team of dedicated, creative professionals with varied industry experience in architecture, interior design, theatre and live production all of which inspire the team’s design philosophy and approach.

MBL approaches the spatial experience to create drama, allow the nature of place to unfold and to provide a comfort level that will render space worth experiencing. Architectural themes and ideas are translated into lighting installations that are artful, sustainable and purposeful. 

MBL has been busy with some very notable cultural projects: the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR), Winnipeg, Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto and the City of St. Catherines Performing Arts Centre.  “There were many metaphors to draw from” Boken recalls, of the CMHR project "a labyrinth of light, is how we looked at it, lighting the path through the building from the ‘earth’s roots’ to the 'Tower of Hope’ ”.  This CMHR was a pivotal project for us, a chance to use LED technology advancements and innovate in areas where the budget was tight.​ 

Various bridge illumination projects have given old infrastructure a fresh face and safer feel, including Toronto’s Prince Edward Viaduct (Bloor Street Viaduct), Riverside Bridge and the Peace Bridge, Fort Erie/ New York.  The PEV illumination project, completed as part of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am capital improvement project and opened as part of the pre-game fanfare, is truly a delight to behold after dark: infinite illumination patterns reflect changing weather conditions.
The bridge list goes on…in design development now are Metrolinx’s John Street Pedestrian Bridge and the City of Toronto’s Fort York Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge, a much needed north-south link that will connect the Niagara and Liberty Village neighbourhoods with Fort York and the waterfront. “It’s a priviledge to work on these iconic structures” Boken says “to be part of bringing a new visual identity to the local neighbourhood, not to mention the impact they have as regional landmarks.”

MBL has an international imprint as well- serving up lighting drama for office & hotel towers and theme parks in Qatar, UAE, India, China, Iran and Turkey.  “It’s liberating to do this kind of theme park work” says Boken “we have a lot of fun with it and push the limits with atmospheric lighting and effects.”

Paul holds a Fine Arts degree in Theatre Production with a major in Lighting Design and a Postgraduate Certificate in Architectural Lighting Design from Ryerson University. 

Posted: 12.09.2015

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