Well Connected


  • 35,000 LED diodes
  • 45,000 feet of cable
  • 16.5 million possible colors
  • 3 large computerized lighting controllers
  • $500K under budget
  • Completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Planning and development- 5 years 

The Bloor Viaduct, more officially the “Prince Edward Viaduct” has earned a place on the top 10 list of Toronto landmarks.

An exciting addition to MBII’s portfolio of landmark bridge illumination projects, the project was unveiled as part of the pre Toronto 2015 Pan Am Game festivities, under budget and ahead of schedule.

Opened in fall of 1918, the bridge features black steel arches towering above the valley below. The subway platform suspended under the roadway was the brainchild of R.C. Harris, then Commissioner of Public Works.

The design team undertook research and looked at many design partis to minimize light pollution, addressing the key concern of the surrounding neighbourhoods.  Lights are shielded to only focus on the bridge and not the sky.


The ‘Luminous Veil’ lighting project will artfully embellish the suicide veil added to the bridge in 2004 with LED lighting that was cut from the original construction budget.   Funding set aside for Pan Am capital projects provided an opportunity to complete the project. Truly a delight to behold after dark, the bridge illumination patterns reflect the changing weather. The colour and intensity is based on temperature and wind strength.

Follow the links to read more on thestar.com about what it took to complete the Luminous Veil and its grand reveal on July 4, 2015.

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