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Project Start: 2007
Project Completion: 2009

Project Size: 5,800 feet (1,768 m)

Project Cost:  $1.2M


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Built in 1927, the 5 arch Peace Bridge spans the Niagara River and a Parker through-truss spans over the Black Rock Canal on the American side.

Finishing within 5% of the initial budget, the Peace Bridge is a renewed landmark much praised by worldwide press.

Paul Boken, LC, IESNA, BFA, Associate
Lighting Designer

Built in 1927, the Peace Bridge needed a bold new modern presence, improved visibility and safety.

Through lighting animation and colour this static monument was transformed into a vibrant, ever-changing form to emphasize the free-flowing movement that a bridge provides.

In addition to special seasonal event schemes, once each hour, the light system manager randomly selects from approximately 50 light sequences to wash the bridge in duotone combinations or pulses of illumination over 10 minute intervals.

The lighting accentuates the steel trusses of this landmark five arch bridge over the Niagara River.

50+ light sequences wash the bridge in duotone combinations or pulses of illumination over 10 minute intervals.

Over five hundred 50W LED floods highlight the bridge structure above and below the bridge trusses. 300W LED floods have been placed to graze the arches that span 300’ between piers.  Two small LED floods fill in the first 30’ of arch not captured by the large floods.

The roadway was retrofitted with full cut-off metal halide units. In addition to reducing glare and lowering energy costs by 40%+ this measure created a more evenly lit roadway which served to increase the perception of safety and security.

When engineering the lighting, MBII faced a number of challenges including a tight budget and concern for sustainability, security and versatility. 

Extensive computer models and graphic animations were generated by in-house staff to test and simulate effects of various lighting options that ultimately led to an LED solution.

LED’s offered the most compact, controllable and energy efficient source available, as well as an extremely long lamp life. All fixtures were mounted within reach of an existing catwalk on custom brackets for ease of maintenance.

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